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iGiet technology Ltd believes that the future of businesses will be dependent on technology and the technical skills available. As a way of leading our business through digital transformation, we reorganize our internal business processes and prepare it for the next generation of global trends within the technology industry and other industries.

The drive to make a difference in one more individual or one more business is the reason we jump out of bed every morning. The essence of everything we do is primarily focused on ensuring that our customers have a great experience using our services.

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Our Services

Software Development

we have built custom software applications including ERP systems, POS, Accounting softwares, Inventory Management systems, School portals, etc.

Online Marketing

We help brands build profitable connections with their target audiences using social media marketing(Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc), SEO, Email marketing, sponsored ads, etc.


Mobile App Development

We build innovative mobile apps that engages users and will make them not put their phones down. We can build mobile solutions across any device or technology covering: Native Apps for Android & iOS, Games, Location-based Apps, etc

Graphics Designs

There's no limit to what you can get designed. We create unique designs that rejuvenate your brand's image, Whether is a spectacular new logo or some stunning flyers, business card, App Mock-ups, etc. we Can make it happen.

Corporate Branding

Building intelligent brands is what we do every day, turning little shot businesses into bigger shots by giving the needed identity to standout. ranging from CAC registration, logo, business card, letterhead, web design and other digital designs.


Skill up now to stay relevant in Digital age. Full stack web development, Digital Marketing(SEO,SEM,Mobile,Email Marketing), IOT, Project Management, Oracle Primavera, Graphics Design, etc

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your business goals may not include having an award-wining branding, in-fact, our hunch is you need a professional package that will that will lunch business into the global stage and also serve as an extension of your sales team by generating leads. 

Whatever your goal maybe, a member of our team is available to listen to your needs and deliver our best solutions

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